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Aptitude Test

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Aptitude Test

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What would be the next number in the following series?

1 | 5 | 4 | 16 | 14 | 42 | ?

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The new health and safety regulations state that helmets should be worn and fastened and the head torch operating at all times whilst working within the mine. Other safety devices would be prioritized according to the previous depth regulations and following the mine's security engineer daily instructions. On dates of detonations, maximal safety wear should be implemented inside and within a 500 meters external diameter outside the mine, with no exception.

The mine's security engineer is the only source of authority to decide which safety gear is worn by miners.

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John run the route between the Town Council and the schoolhouse at a speed of 6 mph in 50 minutes. Danny drove his car on the same road at the speed of 30 mph.

How long did it take Danny to complete the distance? (in minutes)

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Convert this fraction to a decimal

3⁄2 +1⁄4

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Select the word that is spelled incorrectly


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Choose the word among the answers that can best replace the underlined word in the sentence:

The new CEO pledged to deal with the company's environmental issues.

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Choose the combination of words that is most suitable to fill in the blanks:

Work-life balance schemes in the workplace have been __________ by employees and increase morale and ________ at work.

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Please which type of error appears in the sentence below

The heat of the desert affected the traveler greatly, and he regretted not leaving with the professor whom had offered him a ride to the city.

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Please select a pair of words that have a similar relationship

sand : glass

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What is the opposite of subservient?

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