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Coronavirus: Akufo-Addo removes number limit on conferences, workshops

The limit on the number of attendees to social gatherings including workshops, conferences award shows among others has now been lifted.

President Akufo-Addo on August 16 announced that more than a hundred persons can now attend events, with strict adherence to social distancing and other COVID-19 measures stipulated for events.

He, however, noted that beaches, pubs, cinemas and night clubs are still to remain closed until further notice.

Speaking at his 15 COVID-19 address to the nation, the president indicated “the limit on the number of persons who can attend conferences, workshops and award events has now been lifted.”

“Subject to the maintenance of social distancing among participants, fresh air ventilation of the premises and a two hour limit of each session,” he added.

The President in his 14th address on July 26 announced that tourist sites and drinking spots could open for business as part of the country’s gradual approach in returning to normalcy in the wake of COVID-19.

Source: Starr FM

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