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Council of State doesn’t make sense, scrap it – Prof. Agyeman-Duah

Prof Baffuor Agyeman-Duah, the Chief Executive Officer of the John A. Kufuor Foundation has reiterated his call for the Council of State to be scrapped.

He believes that the presidential advisory board and other governance structures should be done away with to allow the country to make some savings.


“I don’t see the importance of it. In America, the President may have an economic council of advisors, in some cases, they are even volunteers. Just as there is an advisor on SDGs and all that.


“But to maintain an institution of this nature, of this size and this expense, just to advise the President is superfluous, it doesn’t make sense,” he stressed in an interview with Adom TV.

Calls for a relook at the Council of State have come up strongly in recent times, for the one-time United Nations Senior Advisor, failure to maximize the use of resources is at the heart of the current economic downturn.

“We misuse the resources that we have, we don’t use our resources efficiently and effectively. We don’t seem to maximize the outcomes of what we seek by throwing our money at it.

“The financial downturn we are experiencing is largely due to these structures. Governance in Ghana is over-bloated,” he added.

Nana Otuo Siriboe II, Chairman of the Council of State affirmed earlier this year that they had taken an allowance slash as part of their contribution towards easing the economic crunch government was working to ease.

Prof. Agyeman-Duah said at the time that scrapping the body needed to be considered: “All I am saying is that if it is a matter of advice, the President has the right to call any of the 30 million people for advice and not pay for it.“

“In a larger scheme of things especially, if you are looking at our budgetary challenges, then it will be one of the institutions that personally, I will recommend not to be retained,” he said in an interview with an Accra-based news outlet.

The Council of State in Ghana is a body of prominent citizens, analogous to the Council of Elders in the traditional political system, which advises the President on national issues.

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