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Electoral Commissionor, Madam Jean Mensah has said there are still foreigners and minors on the newly created voter’s register.

However, she was confident mechanisms put in place by the commission will clean the voter’s roll of the illegal persons on it.

“The Commission is mindful of the infiltration of foreigners at a number of our registration centres. Additionally, we are aware that a number of minors have found their way into the register. “We are confident that the challenge processes initiated at all districts throughout the country will unearth these illegal persons and rid the register of those who do not qualify to be thereon. We are confident that the register that will be used for the 2020 elections will be a wholly-owned Ghanaian enterprise reflecting qualified Ghanaians and Ghanaians only,” she said.

Madam Jean Mensah again showered blessings on the staff of the commission saying, “the efficiency and professionalism of our field staff coupled with the robustness of the registration kits contributed to the high number of registrants witnessed today.

She again said, “On average, we recorded 150 registrants per kit per day as compared to previous registrations where we averaged some 80 persons per kit per day. In some places, field staff recorded up to 280 persons per kit per day. This accounts for our ability to exceed our target of 15 million registrants well before the end of the exercise. It is important to note that by day 31 of the exercise we had recorded about 15,178,107 applicants,” she said.

Ghana’s political election is set for December 7.


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