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EC urges public to disregard ‘misleading’ video about printing of new voter ID cards

The Electoral Commission (EC) has said a video circulating on social media purporting to show its officials printing new voters’ ID cards although the voters’ registration exercise has been completed is misleading.The video, according to the EC, erroneously creates the impression that staff of the Commission are printing ID cards after the expiration of the voters’ registration exercise.

The EC has explained in a statement issued on Monday, September 21, 2020, that during the just-ended exercise, a few centres experienced the production of duplicate ID cards which resulted from registration kits bearing the same codes.

“The cards in the video belong to persons with the duplicate voter ID numbers. They were authorized by the Commission, printed at the Headquarters and subsequently sent to the District Offices for lamination and distribution,” the EC explained in the statement.

According to the EC, the caption of the said video which sought to suggest that something untoward was happening is misleading and hence must be disregarded.

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