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Fearless scammer, Fauster Atta Mensah, now scamming as Professor John Vinzelts

Details are emerging about how a daring fraudster who was busted in 2014 has repackaged himself as Professor John Vinzelts, and is still scamming unsuspected persons in the country and beyond.Fauster Atta Mensah had claimed in 2014 that he had won a Nobel Prize for his supposed excellence in the sciences. This won him immediate praise and admiration.

He was subsequently invited to GTV for an interview. But his incoherence during the interview gave him out as a fraud as the host Abdul Hayi Moomen asked probing questions on some of his claims

Now though, Mr Atta Mensah has rebranded as a Professor, an ambassador and a Doctorate Degree holder, with a new name, John Vinzelts, working as the Country Head for UN Youth and Commissioner with the World Diplomatic Organization (WDO).Mr Atta Mensah has also claimed to be working with the Foreign Affairs Ministry, where he claimed he has Directors under his care.

A Facebook user who has blown the cover of the man who claimed he was a rocket scientist said he is now parading as a Vice-Chancellor of CONSULAR & DIPLOMATIC SERVICES UNIVERSITY,” Accra, Ghana.

Copied from: Ghana web 

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Author: umsdigital

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