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If e-levy doesn’t change our lives we’ll have problems with gov’t – Prince David Osei

Actor Prince David Osei says it’s imperative that Ghanaians wait to see what government will do with monies made from e-levy before they become critical of the levy.

The actor says after some time of collection if government fails to provide the needed development, stabilize the economy, and ensure that the country’s GDP is better there will be a problem.


He made this known when he spoke to Ameyaw Debrah in an interview.


Prince David Osei who is a known New Patriotic Party (NPP) sympathizer indicated that “the reception hasn’t been nice, people are complaining, I’m complaining but all I’m saying is whatever tariffs and whatever monies that we are taking, I just pray we put it in better use. Let’s see changes in the lives of the people.

It shouldn’t just be about taking the levies and at the end of the day, the standard of living is the same, so that is my message. Whatever levy, whatever charges…It’s not easy, the whole world is in crisis, and the whole global economy is in crisis so if we are asking people to pay more then let’s see the evidence. Let it be evident in our lives,” he said.

On whether he is sure if the government will use monies taken prudently in order to ensure the needed development, Prince David Osei said “It can’t be yes or no. As I rightly said few days ago I said if we don’t see a rapid growth in the standard of living, we don’t see an improvement in the economy, we don’t see the cedi stabilize against other currencies and we don’t have a higher GDP then there’s going to be a problem so I don’t know whether to say yes or no”.

The government has implemented the Electronic Levy which was met with contempt. The government says it will use the funds to support the development of the country.


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