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Interesting facts about Nigerian actor Gentle Jack aka VUGA you probably do not know

Gentle Jack, nicknamed Vuga, the heavily-built Nigerian blockbuster movie actor, is one of the most significant actors the Nigerian film industry has ever produced.

Gentle Jack, also known as Vuga, is well-known for two things: first, his muscular body, which resembles that of American actor Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and second, the blockbuster parts he has played in films.


What Acting Role Does Gentle Jack, aka VUGA, Play?

Gentle Jack has been in a number of Nollywood films that have screened outside of Africa. His normal role is that of a well-known figure who causes everyone to be concerned about their safety and security.

Gentle Jack is frequently cast as a warrior, cultist, bodyguard, armed robber, or terrorist. He didn’t construct his body for acting in movies, but rather for his personal attractiveness and strength, yet his personality and general appearance gave Nigerian blockbuster films a Midas touch.

These are facts that simply sum up the biography of Gentle Jack, aka VUGA, and give a deeper look into who he is and how far he has come.

Facts About Gentle Jack aka VUGA

Gentle Jack aka VUGA

1, Gentle Jack is a 51-year-old actor who was born in Abonnenma, a village in the Kalabari kingdom of Nigeria’s Rivers State, on November 20, 1970.

2, Despite the fact that Gentle Jack was born in Abonnema, he lived and grew up in Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous state, where he received his preschool education and came to notoriety.


3, Gentle Jack eventually returned to his hometown of Port Harcourt in Rivers State to finish his primary school education, and he later completed his basic school there as well.

4, Gentle Jack continued his schooling at Port Harcourt’s high school or secondary school, where he completed and received his First School Leaving Certificate and Senior School Certificate.

5, Gentle Jack participated in performing arts, theatre, and poem recitals because of his noisy attitude and the strength he displayed in class as an unceremonious bully. He then became a member of the drama club and went on to act on stage at both internal and external events.

6, Gentle After graduating from high school, Jack was accepted into the Ogun State Polytechnic, but he dropped out before completing his studies. He claims he stopped going to school for an unidentified personal reason.

7, Gentle Jack’s passion for gymnastics, acrobatics, and fitness led him to Hellymag Fitness School and Nutrition, where he studied body therapy. Gentle Jack quickly developed a powerful, appealing figure that was ideal for the then-burgeoning Nigerian blockbuster film business.

8, Gentle Jack received his first Nollywood movie part in 1997, thanks to his brother Gbasemi Tariah. The film is called “Blood Money,” and it stars the irrepressible Pete Edochie.

9, Gentle Jack had become a household name in and across Nigeria by 1998, thanks to his outstanding performance in subsequent films. But it was a role in the film “Vuga,” which he played the same year, that broke the glass barrier and gave him a seat of significance.

10, Gentle Jack played with acclaimed Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji in the film “Vuga,” in which he was too strong for anybody to defeat and fought countless fights to save his people and village. Since then, he has been referred to as “Vuga” in honour of his valiant display of bravery.

11, Gentle Jack went on to star in other films with Jim Iyke, Sam Dede, Tom West, and Saint Obi, in which he reprised his role as the ‘Bad guy’ who causes trouble and is constantly hunted by the police. He played the role of a warrior who led communities to battle and triumphed.

12, As the name implies, Gentle Jack is not who he is in real life when it comes to acting. Those who know him describe him as a kind guy who understands when to react and when to ignore provocations. Gentle Jack has a pleasant attitude and enjoys being in the company of others.

13, Gentle Jack works as a fitness instructor and body therapist in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, where he owns and operates a body fitness equipment centre.

Gentle Jack aka VUGA

14, Gentle Jack is a multi-award-winning Nigerian actor who has appeared in over 300 films. Ijele, Ebule, The Ghost, Light Out, War Front, Black Diamond, State Of Emergency, Blood, and VUGA are among the most popular.

15, Gentle Jack has won numerous awards and accolades, including the Movie Academy Award for Most Promising Actor in Nigeria, the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for Best Actor in Leading Role, the City People Entertainment Award for Best Actor of the Year, and the Nollywood Movie Award for Best Performing Actor, among others.

16, Do you want to learn more about Gentle Jack’s parents and siblings? Well, he’s been married to a lovely woman for many years, and they have wonderful children. The family resides in Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s Rivers State.

17, Gentle Jack, who is now a producer, director, media personality, and philanthropist, is one of the wealthiest Nigerian/Nollywood actors, with a net worth of $2 million.

18, Gentle Jack has a huge following and clout. He hasn’t appeared in a film in a while, but he intends to open a film academy and production studio to train actors and actresses and shoot high-quality films.

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