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Kennedy Agyapong should stop attacking Asante businessmen.

As it has been said many times that despite the flaws of former Head of State I.K Acheampong, he’s very well noted in standing taller than all rest in private entrepreneurship development. He basically, started the genesis of supporting local entrepreneurs like Nana Awuah Darko, Siaw, Kowus, Appiah Menka, Georgina Kusi, Asuma Banda, B.A Mensah, Boakye Mattress..etc Even though, some of them openly, opposed his style of governance.

The biggest tragedy that befell us as a country was the bastard manner in which Rawlings led AFRC/PNDC collapsed most of these thriving companies and hounded the owners. So retrogressive it was such that it has taken more than three decades to repair the damages. A reformed Rawlings of today, even shy away from the residues.

Year 2000, ushered in a rebirth of hope and a prosperous future with Development in Freedom motto of a party, capturing the reigns of power. Such a new day it was for the private sector and the successive build-up to it is what we witness today.

didn’t start today and, they’re so critical in actualizing visions such that, you don’t deal with them in the partisan lens. What really matters.

– is the one who has the capacity for an assigned project.
– the one with vast experience and with a proven track record.


Contractor Kofi Job comes to mind as a local emerging giant. He has a great work ethic and renowned for being self-sufficient for all landmark projects. He is a serious-minded executioner of projects having survived regime change. The Year of Roads’ salient achievements can not be touted without mentioning his name. As of now, his presence at various sites like,

Atonsu – Lake road
Trede – Sokoban
Mankranso – Tepa
Suame – Maakro road

is playing a major role in conditioning the stronghold of the party in power and quite frankly, no contractor does have what it takes to get overstretched in that magnitude. There are several instances he had stepped in to save certain situations out of magnanimity(when Appiah Menka died).

Kofi Job is an Asante entrepreneurial asset with his impact going beyond our confines. He easily adapts so well and bound to thrive under any government. He’s productive, indestructible, and irrepressible. He’s a shrewd businessman who loves life, family, and friends with boundless generosity.

Asante businessmen have suffered so much in being used as scapegoats and it has been a long journey to unearth such an illustrious son.

put on the chopping board. We’ve come a long way in building bridges and reconciled as a nation to waste time to victimize decent and tax-paying local entrepreneurs who employs thousands of workers.

Kennedy Agyapong would openly attack your business or personality if he bids for a contract and it’s given to your business just to discredit you in the eyes of Government and Ghanaians. Simple example was Kennedy’s attack on Ken Attafuah when the NIA contract was given to him.

If, Rawlings, who’s the architect of the anti-private sector is now in bed with the current president, the leader of Development in Freedom etiquette.

Kwabena Nsafoah

Kwabena Frimpong

Author: umsdigital

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