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Looming food crisis: I still see a repetition of 1983 – Nigel Gaisie prophesizes ‘doom’

The founder and leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaisie, has warned of an impending food crisis akin to what occurred in 1983.

His comment comes on the back of the Ghana Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) issuing a similar caution to the same effect if there is no investment made into agriculture.


Commenting on the issue, Nigel Gaisie stressed that there is danger ahead for the country and the earlier it is addressed, the better.

According to him, he saw in a vision that the streets of Accra were in serious distress and that nobody was sleeping.

Nigel Gaisie disclosed that amidst all this, he had to help some persons who approached him.

He continued by admonishing people in authority to avoid being political when they hear a man of God speak.

“There is DANGER AHEAD AND THE EARLIER, ITS ADDRESSED THE BETTER. For the first time this year, the spirit of the Lord did not allow me to sleep last night.

“I was inspired to be on the major streets of Accra the whole of this dawn and the city was Alive, nobody was sleeping.

“I saw serious stress on the street, the night was very busy like a day time, I gave a young lady 100cedis and am still in shock her RESPONSE.

“A grown-up man rushed to my car and was weeping like a child, He said, I have not eaten for two days

“I have to send him 200gh when I got to the office today, Let the authorities WOKE UP BEFORE LATE…..Let us avoid being too political and hear the VOICE OF GOD. As a prophet, I STILL SEE A REPETITION OF 1983,” Nigel Gaisie posted on his Facebook page.

Ghana experienced severe droughts in 1968-1973, 1982-1984, and 1990-1992 with the drought of 1983/1984 being the most significant.

This caused general food insecurity in the country.

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