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Malian Ambassador’s residence was demolished to pave way for National Cathedral – Ablakwa alleges

Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, has accused the government of demolishing the official residence of a diplomat and relocating him to make way for the National Cathedral.

According to the legislator, the government had demolished the residence of the Malian ambassador to Ghana to pave way for the religious edifice.


In a post on his social media handle, Ablakwa asked the government to stop passing comments that the construction of the cathedral was not coming at a cost to the Ghanaian taxpayer.


He further urged the government to come clean on how much it cost to demolish the ambassadors’ residence and his relocation to the Airport area.

“Government must stop giving its ungodly assurances that Akufo-Addo’s National Cathedral project isn’t coming up at considerable cost to the Ghanaian taxpayer.

“It is most imperative that Government in the true spirit of transparency and accountability informs the nation how much it cost us to demolish the Malian Ambassador’s Residence to pave the way for construction of the cathedral, and exactly how much the distressed Ghanaian taxpayer is paying for the current costly relocation to Airport?” Ablakwa posted.

The government of Ghana recently had to deal with a diplomatic issue relating to the demolition of a building belonging to the Bulgarian Embassy, an issue first raised by Ablakwa.

A Sole Inquirer commissioned to look into the matter recommended punishment for the developer who pulled down the structure as well compensation to be paid.

The Bulgarian Ambassador to Ghana and Nigeria H.E. Yanko Yordanov, in a statement copied to GhanaWeb has, however, demanded that the government makes the report from the Sole Inquirer public to promote transparency.

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