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Mr. Foolish calls himself Mr. Logic- Bullet blasts Mr. Logic for insulting Wendy Shay

CEO of Rufftown Records, Bullet, has hit back at Mr. Logic after the latter dismissed completely the idea that Wendy Shay is the Queen of Ghana Music.

In an interview on 3FM, the entertainment critic and media personality expressed that Wendy Shay is living in her own dream and is nowhere near the crown.

According to him, the Rufftown signee crowning herself, Queen of Ghana Music alludes to the truth that the standards in the industry have been lowered.

”Wendy Shay cannot be the Queen of Ghana Music. Some of these things when we say they think we are jabbing or they say we are firing. I am not the fire service. If we are talking about world standards, Wendy Shay does not have a single song that can cross to Nigerian, not even Togo. Bullet should come and challenge me”, Mr. Logic said.

He added that the likes of Tiwa Savage are the ones that can claim to be queens and that Wendy is a fool for thinking her affiliation with Shatta makes her one.


However, Bullet has lashed out at the presenter for disrespecting his artiste.

In a post captioned, ”Mr logic sorry Mr foolish, stop attacking every artiste I produce. You started with ebony and now you’ve centered your hatred attention on Wendyshayofficial. Instead of you to go out there and make money, you are always on radio talking nonsense that is why you are so poor. @Wendyshayofficial can feed you and your entire generation”, Bullet responded.



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