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North Korea President Orders Citizens To Hand Over Their Pet To Be Used As Meat As Famine Hits The Country

The President of North Korea, Kim Kong-Un has ordered citizens of the country to hand over their pet to be used as meat as food scarcity hits the country even harder.

Due to the dire economic situation of the country and the outbreak of the deadly virus, the President has ordered citizens to sell their pets, especially dogs to zoos or restaurants for them to be killed and used as meat for survival.

Authorities in the country have identified houses with pets warned its citizens to hand them over to restaurants or they will forcefully be taken from them.

Statistics from North Korea are not made public, but according to a 2018 Associated Press report, South Koreans at that time consumed 2 million dogs a year.

According to reports, dogs slaughtered for human consumption in both nations were raised on farms for the purpose of being eaten.

Author: umsdigital

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