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Opinion: How Akufo-Addo ‘gifted’ PDS to his family

Everyone remembers the WhatsApp group, Thriller In Manila, in which Akufo-Addo‘ s family shared the PDS booty to themselves; the greatest sleaze ever visited on a country by its President on this planet.

It is a scam group that milked this country’s energy sector dry in a twinkle of an eye. Hurriedly put up as an obscure special family purpose vehicle, the Power Distribution Services (PDS) gained notoriety for heckling every legal impediment on its way to become a reputable consortium recognized blindly by our country’s legislature.

Through powerful elephants led by President Akufo-Addo, this scam managed to enter into a misleading concessionaire agreement with the Electricity Company of Ghana to take over electricity distribution in the southern part of Ghana. The agreement put together for Parliament to approve set out a precedent for the PDS to provide financial instrument to shore up operations.

However the PDS has no “kobo” but pretended to have the financial wherewithal to carry out the job. They succeeded in hoodwinking Parliament to hand over assets of ECG to them to start milking the nation. Quickly, electricity tariffs were increased; service charges were scaled up. Non-lifeline consumers whether domestic or commercial were slapped with GHc7.50 per month as against GHc2.50 for life consumers.

They made all the monies from ECG which became their contribution to satisfy the condition precedent. Then out of the blue the Minister of Energy revealed there is fraud in the PDS deal. His announcement of the revelation which was being suspected long before sent shivers down the spine of the President and his family as the nation fumed heavily on them.

Realizing they will be plucked off the loot cake, the gifted Akuffo Addo family took to their secret WhatsApp group, Thriller in Manila, to re-arrange the shareholding structure of the consortium in order to metamorphose the PDS into another scam so they can hold on to the deal in secret. Stephen Ayensu, the barber who was clothed with high shares to hold in trust became wise. He wanted the monetary value of the shares which Gabby Asare Otchere Darko will have none of.

In order to deceive the public PDS claimed it has paid all debts owed Independent Power Producers. After their exit, it has emerged they still owed. One wonders how this is real. PDS is not gone totally, it is lurking around to reappear, for it is a precious gift to the Akuffo Addo family. Ghana is not yet free from these scammers, we have to brace ourselves up for a lot more of these until a change occurs in January, 2021.

By Dauda Philips, Adenta | The views expressed by the writer are solely his and do not represent the position of Daily Mail GH

Author: umsdigital

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