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Opinion: The de-duplication exercise by the electoral commission, what does it mean?

I should think there is a technical and legal difference between duplication and multiple registration in a voter registration database. The former in my opinion is caused by the application error which is technical and the other is fraudulent which is legal and criminal. Of course, multiple registration will create duplicated registration but a duplicated registration does mean there has been multiple registration. What is the Electoral Commission (EC) trying to do? In both cases the EC has questions to answer.

From my understanding of the basic benefit of biometric databases as a verification tool, multiple registration should not have occurred in the registration exercise unless the Electoral Commission (EC) was working offline and not online and real time. To work offline then defeats the whole process of investing in this new technology by the EC as a preventive tool if we intended to protect the integrity of the voters register. To work online means we should be dealing with application error only in the de-duplication exercise. Since I am not too sure what the EC has in mind, I will deal with what in my opinion we should expect to be done in both scenarios to give us the needed confidence in the integrity of the EC system.

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