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Persistent Complaints from People can Debar you from Achieving your Goal – Cape Coast MCE Bemoans

Cape Coast, 8th September, 2020

As part of accounting to the people of Cape Coast, the Metropolitan Chief Executive Officer of the Assembly, Ernest Arthur has bitterly complained about the level of distraction and complaints that come from people within the Metropolis. “Anytime you try to do something right, you get others who complain and such things if one is not focused can distract you”.

He gave an example that, “Some people win sand at the seashore to mould blocks to earn a living, at the same time such an activity is causing sea erosion and affecting the homes of others”. He continued that, you stop such an illegality and they complain of being unfairly treated”. According to the MCE of Cape Coast, another human behaviour that makes leadership difficult is those who hawk and sell at unauthorised places within the Metropolis. He added that, you attempt to sack hawkers from the streets and pavements and “market women complain that selling at the designated markets doesn’t encourage patronage of their goods except on the streets”. “You sack them and the complaints come as if you’re insensitive”. “Such things makes leadership very difficult but we are not perturbed of doing what is right” he added.

assembly had already planned its budget for 2020. According to him, that notwithstanding, he and the assembly had to form a committee with the main responsibility of going round to educate the general public on how to stay safe and avoid catching the disease.

In addition, he expounded that, the assembly quickly added a taskforce to make sure the Covid-19 protocols are adhered to by all citizens and also to punish some recalcitrant ones. According to the MCE, unfortunately 17 persons within the Metropolis have sadly died from Covid-19 and 10 out of that number have been buried. He took the opportunity to caution everyone to adhere to the safety protocols and be very careful not to get infected. “The burial cost of those who have died are borne by Assembly and also puts stress on those who carry out the burial activity” he explained.

He was speaking to Benjamin Tetteh Nartey on GBC Radio Central’s Morning Show today Tuesday 8th September, 2020.

credit, Ernest Arthur said, those allegations are unfounded and inaccurate. He clarified that, all Veronica buckets procured by government, assembly and by him have different embossments on them. “Those I purchased have my pictures on them, those by the assembly have government logo, while the others have MLGRD logos embossed on them”. “I’ve not used state funds to purchase PPEs and claimed them to be my own” he affirmed.

When he was asked about the popular Sunday Market in Cape Coast, the MCE revealed that, the Sunday Market was suspended and not canceled. “This was a directive but discussions are ongoing and as and when things are better something would be done about it” he stated.

Touching on infrastructure, he outlined what he called major renovation works that has been done under his tenure. He mentioned the following: Catholic Jubilee School, Cape Coast Town Hall, Jubilee Park, Metropolitan Hospital Theatre, Ekon Midwife Residence, Metro Health Directorate building re-roofing, Total renovations works on the District Agricultural Office building among others within the educational sectors of the Metropolis.

He further added that, apart from all these renovations works, he also enumerated new projects they have started including Anaafo Market, ongoing, Asphalt Overlay, but was quick to clarify that, “It is not the continuation of the old one under the erstwhile NDC administration, sea defence project, I District, I warehouse (1D1W) almost done at Efutu, an event centre built in-front of the Assembly among others.”

several infrastructure projects ongoing and completed ones in almost all the secondary schools within the Metropolis. “Some are seeing either 1 or 2 or 3 projects ongoing at the moment” he added.

In concluding the interview, the Cape Coast Metropolitan Chief Executive Officer who is also the aspiring NPP parliamentary candidate for Cape Coast South admonished citizens of the Metropolis to give the NPP four more years to do more for them. “Also remember to give me four new years to do more for you in another capacity” he ended. 

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