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Policeman and civilian clash over woman; both suffer bruises in violent exchanges

A Police Officer with the National Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Unit Inspector Jerry John Lomornor has sustained severe injuries on his head after he clashed with his girlfriend’s lover at her residence at Ofankor.

According to a preliminary investigation by the Ghana Police Service, Inspector Jerry John Lomornor is to be dating one Doris Tawiah the lady at the centre of the entire controversy who resides at Ofankor near Ghanaian child preparatory school.


On May 2 about 2 am, a police situational report sighted by revealed that Inspector Jerry John Lomornor went to see Doris off to her house after she had left his place at that ungodly hour.


Upon reaching the house of Doris Tawiah, the door was locked so Inspector Jerry John Lomornor decided to sit close to her corridor.

While he was seated, he realized that a man whose name has been given as Baba Akrugu came out of the room, walked close to the Police Inspector and gave him a blow on his face and that sparked a fight between the two rivals

In the ensuing melee, Baba Akrugu knocked the head of Inspector Jerry John Lomornor with a stone while he was lying on the ground and tried to disarm him of his pistol.

The resultant struggle led to the pistol accidentally firing and caused injuries to the left knee of Baba Akrugu and the right leg of Doris Tawiah.

The two complainants, Baba Akrugu and Jerry John Lomornor are in good condition whiles Doris is also recuperating at home.

Meanwhile, Police visited the crime scene but could not find the spent shell to ascertain claims there has been a shooting.


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