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Prince David Osei vows to campaign against NPP in 2024 after seeing huge E-Levy charges

Actor and staunch sympathizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Prince David Osei has sworn to campaign against the NPP government if he sees no headway from the E-Levy tax.

Electronic Transaction Levy (commonly known as Electronic Levy or E-levy) is a tax applied on transactions made on electronic or digital platforms.




Before its implementation, Ghanaians shared their views on it. It became a topic of national interest.


The greater fraction of the population was not in support of the concept, stating that the charges are huge and that they see no need in taxing electronic money trades.

Others argued that they are not seeing the use of the taxes in effect already hence there is no need for the government to additional charge taxes.

Obviously, on the contrary, the remaining citizens rooted for the E-Levy to be implemented and finally it’s in effect. All electronic transactions are now taxed at a 1.5% rate.


Prince David Osei remarking on the new tax that has been rolled by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) on electronic transactions, said the charges are unbearable.

Sharing his upset opinions on the E-Levy, the award-winning actor pledged that should the NPP government make no proper use of the tax, he will campaign against the government just as he put all his energy into 4more4Nana to do more campaigns in 2020.

He also claimed there’s so much misappropriation of state funds and resources and this he says must stop now.

Adding more to his views via a post, he said that he wants to see improvement in the standard of living, growth in our economy, higher GDP, Cedis stabilized against other currencies etc.


Good morning fellow Ghanaians, Happy New Month and a blessed month at that, E- Levy starts today, the charges are enormous I know, we all feeling the economic meltdown.. I say this here and now without fear or favor, that if we don’t see any improvement in our economy or daily lives after all these excruciating charges, levy’s, etc.. I will personally lead the campaign to reject this government and more, just as I put all my energy into 4more4Nana to do more.. There’s so much misappropriation of state funds and resources, it must stop now!!! We want to see improvement in the standard of living, we want to see growth in our economy, we want a higher GDP, we want our Cedis stabilized against other currencies, we want our purchasing power back!! Ghana we love ????.. Special prosecutor, please please let’s see you in action!! Silence is dangerous .. Happy New Month! Happy Workers Day! God bless ??

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