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Prof Gyampo’s take on Mahama, Akufo-Addo debate


Ghana has witnessed the conduct of Presidential Debates prior to Presidential Elections since 2000. Yet, serious debates arise about debates, in the lead up to elections, where a sitting President is also a flagbearer of a political party.

It is to be admitted that, regardless of how a student gets prepared for examination, no one is actually interested in writing exams. But, to write or not to write an exam, shouldn’t be a debate for any serious student wishing to be promoted. Similarly, in as much as sitting Presidents may not be too keen on debating, it is in our own enlightened interest as a people to ensure that, to debate or not to debate, is never a choice that Presidential Hopefuls must make. It should be the call of the ultimate repository of the sovereign power of the land

Copied from: Report ghana

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