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Revamped Inspectorate Division-Prince Appiah Deprah Appeal To GES

It appears that korle klottey is okey in the eyes of alot of Ghanaians just that all the resources is centre’s especially the ministry and the seat of government.


Speaking in an exclusive interview with the NPP parliamentary candidate for Korle Klottey constituency, Mr Prince Appiah Deprah, observed that korle klottey is among the poorest community in the greater Accra region but people turn to think everything is okey just that is been centre in the middle of government.

The poverty is real and the population is huge in korle klottey specifically OSU and it’s environ.

According to him, need to have a good education, good transportation and logistics for school children.

He appeal to the GES to revamped inspectorate division office.



Mr Deprah was in a view that if GES by so doing will help upgrade the the level of education and to produce quality students from the public school.

This is an indeginous community and is become an inner city because you have to go through somebody’s room before you can go to other person too.

The country must find a way to provide opportunities for all citizens.

But we change to munimized the opportunity of good roads, good health care, good education that can bring real change in the people’s life.

For instance public schools the children are over crowded and teachers are not been checked so the parents too doesn’t care GES too there like a dead horse doing nothing about government schools.

Copied from: Daily mailgh

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