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Rise in corruption must be blamed on the Church – Rev. Dr. Fugar

The Reverend Dr Mrs Joseline Fugar, the newly appointed Acting Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church (GEC) has blamed the church for the rise in corruption in Ghana.

According to her, corruption has become so endemic in the Ghanaian society which is why it is now very worrying because they are no loyal citizens anymore.


She believes that Church has failed woefully because it has failed to bring the true gospel of Christ.


“Corruption has gone through the whole fibre of society. From the messenger right through to the head. Everywhere you go, there is a level of corruption. Nobody wants to do anything sacrificially anymore in this nation. It’s always what is it in it for me and that is not going to help us as a nation.

We need people that will put the country’s interests above their own personal interests. That is what I believe will push the nation forward. It is endemic and I that is why I believe the Church has failed. We have failed to bring people the true gospel of Christ. That gospel that transforms human beings. The Gospel that transforms them so that their lives are so transformed that they will know what is right and what is wrong,” she told Joy News.

Ghana’s corruption performance over the years has been abysmally poor. The country was ranked 75th out of 180 countries by Transparency International in the global corruption perception index in 2020. Although the country’s performance is an improvement from the 2019/2018 report having moved five places from 78 to 75.


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