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Scandalous PDS Deal: Where is OccupyGhana? [Opinion]

Ghana has come of age. I am within my 5th decade in age.

Throughout my few but experiential years as an adult in this country, I have witnessed 6 (six) Presidents. Rawlings, Limann, Kufour, Atta -Mills, Mahama and currently Akufo-Addo.

Under each of these leaders, whether real or perceived, series of corruption issues have been levelled against them.

However, none of the corruption allegations under the past Presidents come close to the Akuffo Addo’s PDS scandal in terms of scale, structure, boldness, determination, notoriety and public disregard.

In comparison with previous allegations which were mostly related to misappropriation and misapplication of State funds and resources, this PDS case is State officials looking Ghanaians in the face, changed Management of ECG, brought their own squad of Management to run the Company for about 7 months and took away the booty.

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