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Social Media Fires Afia Schwar for Posting ‘Bad’ Photo of her Daughter Pena

Social media users have jumped on the neck of Afia Schwarzenegger after she posted a photo of her daughter in a quite naughty pose.

Afia’s daughter, Pena, can be seen in the photo sitting on a bed in a sort of grown-up pose.

The photo has triggered some social media users to go after Afia.

People cannot understand why she would let her daughter who is quite young pose in such a suggestive manner.

Some say she’s already grooming her to enter the ‘East Legon’ old men for supper trade.


The insults are nonstop on Afia Schwar’s neck but obviously she doesn’t care.

The photo is on Afia Schwar’s IG and Facebook pages.

Checkout the reactions below…


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