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Survey Indicates Mahama Will Lead 2020 Election Into Second Round

Civil Society Organization, the Alliance for Continuous Democratic Governance (ACDAG) has published an opinion poll that indicates that the 2020 election will enter a second round with the National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s Presidential Candidate, John Mahama winning the first round.

Though Mr. Mahama, if the vote were held today, would win the first round he would not be able to make the required 50% and 1 vote to become President and so the election will enter into a second run.

“The survey further examined the choices of the respondents for the upcoming elections. The general public was asked to indicate the political ticket they are likely to vote for in the upcoming December 7 general elections. Majority of Ghanaians (43%) indicated that they will vote for John Dramani Mahama and Prof. Jane Nana Opoku-Agyemang ticket while 24% indicated that they will vote for Nana Addo and Bawumiaticket,” the poll reported

It added that “surprisingly, over a quarter (33%) of the Ghanaian population indicated that they are not willing to indicate their choice of tickets. This is very interesting and may have some consequences in the election results. This mean political parties should strategize to engage the people to understand their message.”

Titled, “OPINION POLL ON ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT AND VOTER REGISTRATION IN GHANA” it had as lead Researcher, Mercy Afumwaa Boateng.

It used a sample size of 2613 respondents from across the country and used both distributed questionnaires and online responses for collation. Invited responses on all facets of the governance, especially in respect of the Economy and statecraft.

Its executive summary noted, “The survey was conducted between Saturday, July 25, 2020 to Saturday, August 8, 2020 via online and distribution of printed copies of questionnaire within Ashanti, Western, Savanah, Greater Accra and Volta region. However, the online questionnaire link was generally opened for all.

Approximately 69% of Ghanaians believe that the economy is not properly managed.

About 71% of Ghanaians indicated that the collapse of banks in the country was politically motivated.

Also, 74%, of Ghanaians indicated that the government has not pleased them in the fight against corruption.”

52% of the participants were male while 48% were female out of which 52% had tertiary 45% were High School leavers. 3% had basic education.

The ultimate decision to vote for a candidate in the 2020 election was influenced by the particitpants’ perception of issues in the country.

“Majority of Ghanaians (2121, representing 81%) are not satisfied with the amount of money used on cooked food alone for some fraction of Ghanaians during the 3-week lockdown in Ghana. This is due to the fact that the distribution of the food was not well coordinated and Ghanaians complained about lack of transparency.

Only less than 20% noted that the amount is okay and they are satisfied. Again, this shows that Ghanaians across all gender and literacy line have been monitoring the government`s activities, hence Governments must be as transparent as possible to enhance the satisfaction of the people that give them the power to rule,” the survey said.

It also said, 71% of participants indicated that there is corruption in the management of the novel pandemic whilst 29% said there is no corruption.

“About 1941 out of 2613, representing 74%, noted that the government has not pleased them as far as the fight against corruption is concerned. 569 out of 2613, representing 22%, indicated that the government`s efforts have been good so far while 103 out of 2613, representing four per cent noted the government has done an excellent job in the fight against corruption so far,” the survey said.

Also, “1798 Ghanaians, representing approximately 69% indicated that the economy has been managed poorly while 29% (763) and two per cent (52) respectively rated it good and excellent.”

“Out of 2613, 2070 (79%) participants indicated that they are not satisfied with the banking sector cleanup which saw many indigenous banks collapsed while 466 (18%) and 77 (3%) indicated that it is a good and excellent activity respectively.

2199 Ghanaians indicated their disappointment and dissatisfaction with the amount used in the exercise while 414 Ghanaians feel it is fair.

Author: umsdigital

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