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United State of Kumerica (Kumasi) releases a list of their local towns and their foreign names

The United State of Kumerica (Kumasi) has released a list of their local towns and their foreign names.

For some time now, folks of Kumasi have rebranded their city to ‘The United State of Kumerica’. Only those behind the rebrand can actually explain where they got their motivation from.

In a list circulating in the walls of some of their popular personalities, they revealed the new names of their local towns that have been switched to international.

Below are a few:

  • Abrepo – Georgia
  • Aboabo – Massachusetts
  • Abuakwa – Chicago
  • Asafo – Kansas
  • Manhyia – Washington DC

See the full list below:


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1 Comment

  1. Cobe

    Is it that what we have as Ghanaians is never good enough till we relate it to other nations particularly former slave masters or colonial masters?

    So disappointing!

    When will other nations adapt our names?

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